terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012



To all human beings.

From the place I came from, there haven´t been wars for a long time. In the memory of this people there is no memories of disagreements among those who live there.
This was only possible after we started to realize how much illusory and harmful is the idea of separation, whether between the same, or between the difference. We have gone through a long process of awakening that ended in a prosper, peaceful and equalitarian civilization.
Our eyes are turned, today, to a big issue in the planet, the relation man-animal.
For how long more are they going to close their eyes to the cruelty against his animal brothers?
Each living specie, owner of their own characteristics, is an example of the infinite creativity of the Fountain of All Life.
They have always been at your side, participating directly in the human specie evolution; in times of peace and war, indistinctly. They remain present by their own will, necessity or imposition. They have died by devotion, sweetness and ingenuity.
However, they have always looked at men with respect. They realized with their emerging conscience that you were in power and that you weapons were invincible when compared to the weak natural resources.
What claw or teeth would beat sharpened spears or the majestic fire which men learned to dominate? The fire weapons, the chemical poisons, and the nuclear bombs have left no doubt about the destructive capacity of mad men.
 The animal body was projected just to allow its survival, in the dispute between equals for reproduction and food, for their own defense or the group, but it is useless to contain the Self Conscience Great Beast.
In its prime pureness, despite all, they have become its slaves.
They feed them, dress, heat and ornament. They make company, when there is no other man who cares about you anymore.
They work an entire life and carry them from one place to another. They go to wars and drop their blood, without contesting. They are encaged to serve as cavies in painful and endless experiments.
They are abandoned as garbage, yet babies or when they are too old.
By the other hand, they become real fashion toys, useless products of a society who treat them as objects.
They are served as delicacy to fine taste buds and, in a sad way, they are victims of sexual abuse or free physical violence. Weak ramparts of an insane war.
Understand that animals are beings with conscience in an evolution process such as yours.
Their time will come, anyway. One day, they will wake and will recognize themselves. Until there, although they lack self conscience, they are able to demonstrate loyalty and love, even to those who martyrize them. It seems they have learned the lesson of Master Jesus even before men.
Decimated year after year because of famine, bad treatment, legal or illegal commerce, wars, destruction of their habitats, animals ask you to look inside their frightened eyes and give them the chance to trust men, again.
You can help in the evolution of your animal friends if you set them free from your anger and sick love.
Look at them.
Try to put the hand in an animal´s chest and feel the generous fountain of energy they offer us, without asking anything in return.

Treat them with dignity and respect.
Before you question about nourishment chain, I remind you that the steak of today had a face someday, lived with the indifference, locked in a cage, scared and was killed without any reverence or gratitude.
What comes to our conscience creates responsibility. By action or omission, we are responsible.
However, do not create more wars between you, for the animal cause. Cattlemen against activists, omnivorous against vegans. If it´s this way, their suffering would have been in vain.
Everything that is done with love and conscience gets other meaning to the eyes of the Fountain of All Life.
This is the knowledge that animals have always offered you. Service, forgiveness, modesty, gratitude and unconditional love.
Like Christ, who died for love, in the time of the final thud, you´ll be honored for serving them.
When you learn to live in harmony and love, then, peace will become a real possibility in your world.
Be in the light.



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