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Cleopatra - Sovereign Conscience

Cleopatra – Sovereign Conscience
Life is an infinite road in which path, sometimes, we get lost. We go through it as passengers, different characters in different ports.
Our biggest mistakes are made in the name of fear. We fear losing youth, power, our material treasures and our heart. We set battles against countries and powerful kingdoms.
We try to get prepared, during all our Earth´s journey, so we can be win all the disputes.
Even when we win all the battles, sometimes, we lose ourselves.
When we leave this life, the confront with our face in the mirror of conscience is our biggest court.
There we are judged for our war crimes, but, in this case, we are at the same time the defendant, the prosecutor, the judge and the sentence executor.
When we leave our body, we can see the beauty without decoration of our soul. Without necklaces or diadems, we´re crowned with a light garland.
Any treasure can be compared to this one. Not even millions of vassals, infinite lands, fancy palaces or ephemeral moments of pleasure.
When we get to this side, we will be the same. Our true power is measured by the conscience level on which we arrive. A power that does not serve to dominate or subjugate anyone.
A silence power that does not make vainglory, does not dull, although it shines more than all the golden coins we could gain in life.
We really need to stop all the disputes for the false power, and we can start by our homes, establishing peace and giving authentic freedom to our young people. They are way more prepared than we think.
The conflicts start in the homes, in schools and even in the temples.
When wars explode between nations, we think we have no participation in this. But we should be alert to the fact that these wars are a reflex of our armed interior.
We have a huge bellicose power inside our minds. We are able of destroying someone just with the strength of our concealed anger, our intolerance, our indifference and our words.
We fight for territory when we want to be right about everything. We humiliate our contestant and we feel big, successful.
Beauty, youth, richness, charisma and power. How many could have this in just one life, at the same time? I could.
We take a chance of getting drunk with such cocktail of attributes and we identify ourselves with the character we are living with.
But when all of this is left behind, we are introduced to the fountain of the real power, to which we lean in reverence, just like our vassals have done with us someday.
Then, at this moment, we become serves of light, like the good leaders must.
Life is like this. Some day we are paid homage to those who opened the doors so we could be here, today, bringing this message to all those who have desire of knowledge, glory, the path of being evolution.


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